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Infusions as the Rocks!

photoHere at Clipper, it’s never to hot for a hot drink, but we appreciate that not everyone is as tea-obsessive as us! We’ve recently been experimenting with ice teas, and below are our favourite recipes!

Infusions make fabulous flavoured ice cubes, just popped in some lemonade, or in a cocktail of your choice! For an extra fruity Pimms, use our Red Fruits and Aronia Berry infusion, and if you’d like a marvellously minty Mojito, add in ice cubes made using our Peppermint infusion. Fancy a lower fat Pinacolada? Swap out the coconut milk, and replace with some Orange and Coconut ice cubes! To add an extra dimension to your Appletini with our Apple and Elderflower infusion!

The below method can be used with any infusion – just have a play and see which you love most!

  • Fill your ice cube trays with cool water, then pour that water out into a heat-proof dish. Eyeball the amount your dish is filled, as this will be the amount of hot water you’ll need to use to make the infusion up with, then tip out the water
  • Boil your kettle and fill up the dish to the amount you previously eyeballed
  • Add in four teabags for each ice cube tray
  • Let the infusion cool, then fill your ice cube trays and pop in the freezer
  • At least four hours later, they’re ready to go!

We’d love to know which infusion you’ve used, let us know your recipe ideas!





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