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Category: Bits and bobs | Posted on: May 31, 2013

New Kids On The Plot

This year we decided to take some inspiration from our Tea Guys, Dan & James, who travel the world sourcing the finest ingredients from the best tea estates to make Clipper taste so good.  So we’ve got our hands on a charming little allotment a few miles from the coast in Dorset and are setting about growing our very own Clipper Veg Patch!

Allotment 11             Allotment 31

We’ve donned our wellies and have been planting potatoes, tending to tomatoes, and encouraging courgettes to grow.  Old Clipper tea boxes cheerfully scare those hungry birds away, and the kettle is always on the boil; it really is the perfect spot to chill out and get a little muddy.  If anyone has any suggestions for what us first time gardeners should attempt to grow, we’d love to hear them!


We’ll be back soon with more updates on how our little garden is (hopefully!) growing!




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