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Fairtrade Fortnight: How to Get Involved!

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From humble beginnings as a medicinal crop in China five thousand years ago to becoming the most popular drink after water, tea is an amazing (and delicious!) product. Around the globe, the lives and livelihoods of millions of people depend on tea; and the small choices we make as consumers add up to a massive impact.


For the love of tea!

The Fairtrade Foundation works to offset the injustices of international trade, helping farmers and workers in the developing world to face the challenges of rising food and fuel costs, an increasingly volatile climate, and unstable prices for their goods. The Fairtrade Standards for tea include a minimum price which acts as a safety net against the unpredictable market, guaranteeing farmers get a price that covers the expenses of production.

Here at Clipper, we are incredibly proud to support the Fairtrade cause, with an entire range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate which is, and always will be, Fairtrade. We were the UK’s first Fairtrade tea brand, and since helping to write the guidelines on what it means to trade tea fairly back in 1994, we’ve come such a long way. Nowadays nearly 80% of people in the UK recognise the Fairtrade Mark!

With Fairtrade Fortnight on the horizon we thought we’d shed a little light on this important event, and look at how we can all get involved… Read More

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8 Ways to Make Running Fun (ish!)

justrunimageIt’s a week into January, and it’s possible that your list of New Year’s resolutions is already looking more like wishful thinking than resolute, but fear not! We’ve pulled together eight ways you can make running fun (or at the very least, slightly more fun!), so pour yourself a cup of Clipper Green Tea, and have a squiz.

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Category: Bits and bobs, Recipes, Things we love | Posted on: July 31, 2014

Infusions as the Rocks!

photoHere at Clipper, it’s never to hot for a hot drink, but we appreciate that not everyone is as tea-obsessive as us! We’ve recently been experimenting with ice teas, and below are our favourite recipes!

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Category: Things we love | Posted on: July 31, 2014

Sipsmith Sling

slingIn the depths of the post-holiday drizzle, our thoughts are roaming to warmer climes. Something about Hawaiian shirts, leis, and beach bars always brings a little sunshine into the London winter. So here is the Sipsmith take on a Tiki classic – the Sipsmith Sling.

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Category: Things we love | Posted on: July 31, 2014

The Sipsmith Double Cucumber Cocktail

double cucIf it’s a warm Summer’s day, you’re looking for a light, refreshing drink… the answer is a Sipsmith Double Cucumber. This is a lovely cool summer drink that requires a bit of prep, but it’s definitely worth it! Read More