Our Fairtrade Story

Clipper is incredibly proud to offer an entire range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate which is Fairtrade. Fairtrade means working progressively; better prices for producers, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers in the developing world. We only work with producers who are striving to improve standards of welfare for workers and their families.

Through Fairtrade we support tea producers and surrounding communities, by paying a fair price for their tea, as well as a Fairtrade premium which can be invested back into the business or community. This premium is often spent on improving local infrastructure and supporting community projects, such as roads, schools and medical resources.

See Our Fairtrade Principles In Action

Who Are The Fairtrade Foundation?

Who Are The Fairtrade Foundation?

Fairtrade Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation which looks after all things Fairtrade in the UK. Working with businesses, farmers and consumer groups in over 4000 products they work hard to make sure the producers get a fair deal for their products.

  • A minimum price is paid to Fairtrade producers covering their costs of production.
  • Producers in Fairtrade co-operatives always get a democratic say in decisions- women included.
  • The producers receive an additional Fairtrade premium, an extra amount of money to invest in their businesses and communities.
  • A Fairtrade Trading Partnership Plan exists to enable companies to make partnership commitments to the producers from whom they source.
Why Choose Fairtrade

Why Choose Fairtrade?

World trade is not fair. Small scale farmers and workers in the developing world face the challenges of rising food and fuel costs, an increasingly unpredictable climate and volatile prices for their goods.

By choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark you are guaranteeing producers are being paid a fair and stable price for their products, allowing them to develop their business and work their way out of poverty.

For more information www.fairtrade.org.uk