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Category: Recipes, Things to Do and Win | Posted on: September 17, 2013

Fruitful Thinking Wins Fruity Tea!

We’ve been tasting a whole lot of fruit teas and infusions this morning…our taste buds are a tingling with bursts of berries, apples, lemons and we even threw a bit of rhubarb in there, although not technically a fruit – sneaky rhubarb!


An Infusions SetSo calling all you fruit tea drinkers – if you could create your very own fruit infusion, what would be in it and what would you call it?  The most creative of you will win a fabulous selection of our lovely teas and infusions so get thinking…and have a very fruitful morning – see what we did there!





Leave your creation in the comments box below – closing date is Thursday 19th September at midnight!  Winners announced on Facebook on Monday 23rd.  Open to UK residents only.




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  • Linda says:

    I sincerely believe no one ever wins anything from you people. This is a scam. Where are your codes?

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Linda, our codes are available on our specially marked packs available in stores, and through our sample packs which we’ve been giving away all year. So far over 2900 prizes have been won through this competition :)

  • bhagyashree says:

    i want to try these.. si can i get samples

  • Findlay Farmer says:

    Fin McCool left my suggestion on the comments ‘hope that is OK

  • Findlay Farmer says:

    MY “Fruitbroo” would be blackberry and apple and I would call it Fin Mc Cool When I am out gardening I always take a flask of hot water and fruit tea bags to make a refreshing (and now Autumn is setting ) a warming drink !!! Love your tea /love your website

  • Wendy says:

    My fruit infusion would be cherry, pomegranate, and strawberry. I’d call it ‘Ruby Joy’.

  • Sue Thornton says:

    As a real winter warmer though cinnamon, apple and blueberry for some warm and bitter comparisons. Name wise…nice and spiced apple berry???

  • Sue Thornton says:

    Id like to see if tomato with a touch of celery and Worcester sauce could work to create a warm Virgin Mary – a winter and tee total alternative to the Bloody Mary!

  • Jo says:

    OH! And I would call my infusion Summer Dream in Winter.

  • Grace Newbould says:

    Inspired by my favourite cocktail, a basil bramble sling, I would have blackberry, lemon and basil. I recommend it to be served with a twist of honey.

    I’d name it ‘Clipper’s Basil Bramble Sipper’ and no-one would ever need know that there was no gin in it!

  • Amy Ratcliffe says:

    I’d go for a pineapple, coconut, mango with a hint of orange and it would of course be called a ‘Pina Colatea’!
    Combining my favourite cocktail with a cup of tea! Absolute dream!

  • sarah mowat says:

    My dream infusion would be a beautiful blend of lemon balm, peaches and blackberries. All depression killing ingredients and id name it Dont worry be happy. :)

  • Jessica Brown says:

    I’d create an infusion of lychee, lemon and starfruit, and I’d call it ‘Good Morn-zing’!

  • Jody bingham says:

    I’d love to try raspberry and lime, sweet and zesty!!

  • emma weiss says:

    Chai spiced mango & raspberry with a hint of lime zest and coconut. I would call it Paradise Chai! :)

  • Sara Yarnell says:

    Tasty Dream

    Apple, blackcurrant and pomegranate my three favourite fruits.

  • Claire Ramsden says:

    Orange, Lime and Strawberry a Strawberry Strip xx

  • Jo says:

    My dream infusion would be:
    wild strawberry
    linden flowers

    Yummy! and good for immunity.