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Category: Tales From Around The Teapot, What's Brewing | Posted on: February 3, 2014

Fruit infusions to flirt with…

IMG_0267We strive to always bring our Clipper drinkers the best blends and flavour combinations, packaged in the most beautiful designs.  Sometimes, however, we need help.  And who better to ask than our drinkers!!  So we did…

When we spoke to you, many of you were buying infusions from various brands as you wanted to experiment with different flavours.  However, when you didn’t like one of them you were stuck with it!  You wouldn’t drink it because you didn’t like it, but you didn’t want to throw it away as it was such a waste of money – sometimes up to £4!  So it sat in your cupboard, nearly 20 teabags, untouched for months – go on, check your cupboard, we bet you find an unloved tea in there!


We realised that if we could give you delicious fruity flavours (goes without saying), in a smaller pack size, at a reasonable trial price and then combine it with a multi-buy promotion, we could all be on to a winner.

You’ll be happy because you can try lots of different flavours at a lower price and if you didn’t like it (heaven forbid!), you weren’t stuck with squillions of teabags in your cupboard.  And we’ll be happy because you love our infusions and will hopefully share with all your friends.  Maybe you’d even give your 3rd pack you got free on the promotion to a very lucky friend!

FUSO Strawberry and Rhubarb FrontThen we had to work on the flavours.  Some things are just meant to go together like cheese & pickle, gin & tonic and Bert & Ernie.  Some things however should never be seen…double denim, banana and mayo in the same sandwich, Tom Cruise & Cher (yes really they were an item!) or peach schnapps and baileys.

Luckily for everyone, we stuck to the best combinations and have five different flavours to suit your mood: Strawberry and Rhubarb, St Clements, Blackcurrant and Blueberry, Apple and Elderflower, and Cranberry and Raspberry.

So drum roll please…introducing our tempting new fruit infusions which come in perfect little boxes of 10.  So you can enjoy a fruity flirt without cluttering your cupboard.  Just £1.49 in Tesco’s and Waitrose.


Green Tea Tents Landscape HR

We’ve also got some tantalisingly delicious new Fuso Tea Tents launching this month.  Our tea tents are busting with Clipper loose-leaf tea, blended with delicious fruit & herbs to give you the best of both worlds; the quality & taste of the whole leaf, combined with the convenience of a teabag.

Our magic tea tents give the loose-leaf tea and real bits of fruit & herb, bags of room to move around the cup ensuring the liveliest flavour.  We have our fragrant and Fairtrade green tea range and our organic fruit & herb range, all as deliciously tempting as the next.  Just £2.49 in Tesco’s and Waitrose.


We think they all look absolutely beautiful.  Give yourselves a pat on the back and have a celebratory cup of tea because these adorable little tea packages wouldn’t be here without your help.

Win a splendid selection of our new infusions on our Tea Cup Carousel right now!




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  • Cady


    I was wondering if your Cranberry and Raspberry Infusions tea was vegetarian?

    Thank you

  • Linda Rawlins

    I’d love to buy a selection pack but can’t find them at Waitrose Exeter or Torquay. Any ideas please?
    I’ve tried waitrose online too but it’s all twinings.
    Love the noise on the carousel, always gets husbands attention which is no mean achievement!

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi Linda, we’re glad to hear you’re a fan of our game! I’m afraid we don’t make selection packs, but please do give our 10s a try!

  • Jasmijn Vink

    Hello clipper tea,
    I have a question
    Do you also sell gift packages? because my mother is March 18, 40 years and would like a packet of tea, but in the Netherlands they only sell two types and we want to try as many tea! hope to hearing from you soon!

    yours Jasmin

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi Jasmijn, we don’t do gift boxes, but if you have a look on our shop there are lots of teas you could include in a special parcel of your own!

  • tiny

    I posted a message a couple of weeks ago but I did not get an answer and it has been deleted. The question was a simple one… does your fruit teas contain Caffeine or are all your fruit teas Caffeine free? I would just like a simple yeas or no. I would be happy with this.

    • Clipper Teas

      Hiya, our fruit and herbal teas generally don’t include caffeine, the main exception to this is our Rise and Shine, which contains yerba maté :)

  • Tiny

    Does these tea’s contain caffeine, I have cut out all caffeine from my diet as I am trying to conceive. I currently use your decaf green tea and I know you remove this the natural way and not the chemical way, which I like very much. I am just concerned about these teas as I am unsure if they decaf or not.

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi there, tea naturally contains caffeine, so any drink with ‘black tea’, or the ‘Camellia Sinensis’ plant in will have some in. We do make a decaff black tea if you’re looking to avoid it, or you can choose a fruit or herbal infusion :)

  • Kathy Williamson

    Love white or green tea with cinnamon. Do you still sale this tea?

  • Zubair Patel

    dream come true…xmas comes early!!!! awesome

  • Meryl Turnpenney

    a selection pack would be much appreciated. I some time buy ones I don’t like I do give them away but it would be nice to know what I was buying

  • Terry Fairs

    Receiving your e-mail about the Teas was a conversation piece around the breakfast table this morning, we have gone through “Who would like each one” to “Which ones would you mix”. Thanks for a nice start to the day & looking forward to the new Teas!!!!!

  • Joan Holland

    i think it is a shame to waste paper on ‘double packaging ‘for the tagged fruity t.bags
    Just plain t.bags would be sufficient,and ,even better – no tags,and so no string. I can put the spent t.bags in the compost then -

  • annette colvin

    they all look so tasty I cant wait to try them

  • K. Sharp

    Hurray for more fruit tea!

  • Carol simpson

    I can’t wait to try all your new flavours as I love the normal t bags as that’s the only ones I purchase.

  • Fiona Hall

    I love the Big Breakfast tea, it’s my favourite of the Every Day tea range. I picked up a box just yesterday. The Strawberry and Rhubarb Infusion sounds so delicious, one of those products that if I see it at my regular supermarket I most probably will buy it. Ooh, one taste adventure coming up! : )

  • Ashley Ecker

    I can’t find clipper tea here in the states. I would LOVE to try the new fruit infusions. It was my favorite tea that I discovered in the UK. Im lucky enough to have some clipper tea here with me. <3

  • Julie

    Oh my cannot wait to go out and buy some of these !!

  • lnda webb

    Clipper ships raced long ago,
    Bringing teas across the sea.
    Now Clipper teas do just the same
    Bringing new flavoured teas for me:)

    Thank you can’t wait to taste them:)

  • Allison

    Can’t wait to try the tea tents! Really hope my favourite green tea is among them. :-))

  • Janette Bald

    I haven’t seen your new Fruit infusions Clipper Teas in my local supermarket as of yet. I do buy and drink the Clipper Green Tea with Lemon. Will look forward to trying your new teas.

  • Connie Coates

    I seem to have gone off “ordinary” tea and coffee. I once tried a mint tea. The smell was nice, but waiting about 5 minutes before drinking was a mistake. It tasted strong and oily. I threw the other satchets away. I would like to try a selection now. At the moment I’m only drinking hot water

  • Linda Crook

    Thank you will try them but just to say ialready buy fruit teas in a box of mixed flavours which gives variety and the only problem is deciding wich flavour today,perhaps something you could try.

  • Lalit

    I very much agree with the comment made by Rosie.
    A multi-flavoured pack of 10 would have been a lot better option for someone who wants to try all the flavours.

  • John

    Totally concur with the person who remarked that a trial pack of 10 d i f f e r e n t flavours is what’s needed!
    How about it Clipper?

  • janet tait

    first thing in the A.M. i brew a whole t-pot full of
    green tea with lemon. if i don’t use it all, i just leave it in the pot, then through the day i just re-fresh it by
    adding a fresh bag and put it in the micro-wave with
    a little extra water. its like a fresh brew, without the
    waste but i could not start the day without it.
    my husband has taken to the white tea. he says if he
    wakes up feeling a little rough, it brings him around.
    i call him the part time clipper man. he is a real tea belly, loves his cuppa! we cannot understand
    why! our local morrisons has stopped stocking the
    green tea with lemon?? do you know why??

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi Janet, we’re chuffed to hear you enjoy our Green and Lemon! We’re not sure why Morrisons decided to stop stocking it, but it is available in lots of other stores (:

  • Harry Mcneillie

    love your apple fussions . like to try some more

  • Clive Cave

    I always drink green tea and lemon and I love it . But I am amenable to being seduced into trying some new flavours .

  • Jean Algor

    I’m sat hear drinking my fruit tea ! Peace at last , and its raining once more!!!

  • karen seaton

    would love to try some of your new infusions.
    i have recommended your lovely products to my family and we all purchase them now instead of the usual ones
    kindest regards

  • Angela Levin

    Teas worth waiting for.
    Cant wait to try them.

  • Barbara Cummins

    Flavour combinations sound delicious.

  • jeanne clayton

    I really thought you were giving something away.

  • Michele

    These sound perfect for some something different at a vintage style, cream teas we have coming up.

  • Deirdre Ducker

    Your Fruit Tents – is the “tea” Indian/china tea – contained with the fruit – tea that has Caffeine in it?
    I drink your organic Assam tea during the day but like fruit teas after 6.0 pm so I can sleep at night.
    Also I prefer loose tea, without any shaped container around it, because I like to differ the quantity of tea in the pot (I often mix different teas).

  • Stephen Dillon

    yes, I know, i bought a cranberry and raspberry at Waitrose and I found it to be wonderful.

  • bernie cave

    hi well injoy all tea,s
    so would like any one,s to try for you
    thank you

  • Mandy Taylor

    Great! One of my friends only drinks herbal tea so I need more!


    the new flavours sound brilliant,can’t wait to try them

  • Janis Bethel

    As a fan of Clipper teas, I will definitely be trying these new fruit infusions tea bags … they sound delicious!

  • Helen OGorman

    The strawberry and rhubarb sounds absolutely delicious. It matched my strawberry and rhubarb crumble a family favourite!!

  • tess webb

    lovely teas

  • Ildiko Brannigan

    Really can’t wait to try your new range- my favourite is probably is the apple & elderflower so far. :)

  • Zara Hunt

    I’m off to Waitrose to try some out.
    Surely that should be Eric and Ernie?

  • Rosie

    Sounds great but even better would be a selection pack of 10 with all the different tea flavours, instead of 10 all of the same flavour.

  • pam

    I love the sound of these.

  • Jo

    These sound absolutely haevenly! ♡

  • Dan

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to try them. If only you had made raspberry and rhubarb. Another company made it a while back ant it was absolutely amazing.

  • Wendy Walker

    Wow!! They sound so exciting – I cant wait to try them. The St Clements tea bags will mean I wont have to have hot squash when I want a fruity drink instead of plain tea!! I hope they get in the shops soon.

    Well done and thank you :)

  • Sue McCaffer

    Love Clipper teas and have tried standard varieties and Green Tea- which is one of the best around.
    Look forward to trying from the fruity range.:)

  • mj jackson

    I am looking forward to trying your new fruity teasa