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Green Tea Tales from the Tea Guys…

India 2010 358

Our tea guys Dan and James are pretty amazing at all things tea, and we love listening to their stories of their travels to the tea gardens, as well as hearing about all the growers and local people they meet. But we have to admit, our eyes turned the same shade as our green tea when they sat us down to tell us of tails of their recent trip.

The beautiful Nilgiri Blue Mountains in Southern India was their destination. 7,000ft up, in the misty hills, there is garden after garden of rolling, tea plants which is where our green tea is being skilfully grown. Our guys work closely with our chosen tea gardens to grow and develop our tea, in fact we’ve been growing tea with some of the same gardens for tens of years. The Nilgiri Mountains in Southern India has perfect growing conditions with its lush, fresh, tumbling gardens and the moist mist which rests on the mountain tops.DSC04298

Dan and James rave about the quality of the leaves from these estates. You can see for yourself how vividly green the leaves are. Shade trees offer some cover from the sunshine during the day and you can still see young tea leaves being hand-plucked and in some tea gardens its still carefully rolled and steamed the old fashioned way, to deliver the crisp, light and delicate taste of Clipper.

In recent years, herds of bison have returned, and freely roam the tea gardens. They look very cute and harmless from the photos but we’re not sure how close we’d actually let them get before we made a run for it! Who knew that bison were such fans of tea!

DSC04297We’re looking forward to joining them on their next visit to Southern India in March next year to see this beautiful region for ourselves and finally getting to pluck our own tea!

If you haven’t tried green tea yet, hurry up! Yes, it is good for your body with all its antioxidants, but it’s also mighty fine for your taste buds. And as the first Fairtrade brand in the UK, we like to think of ourselves as experts of tea so you should take our word for it… or at least Dan & James word…  and the bison!




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  • margaret semple

    I have tasted/drank green tea with lemon for a number of years but its the taste of clipper which I have enjoyed most because intially it tastes good hot but if you go away and not finish the tea I can still drink when it is cold as it is does have that tannin taste so enjoy it either hot or cold..

  • Margaret Gouldsbury

    Just love Clipper green tea with lemon, and was really surprised and pleased to see it came from the Nilgiris! We were at school in Ooty many years ago, and my father was tea planting in Munnar. My cousin is in Ooty at the moment, she loves India in spite of having spent her early days on a tea estate in Africa!

  • Shirley Healy

    Hi, I don’t think you can beat Clipper Green Tea with Lemon, such a delicate flavour. So refreshing, I have been drink it for quite a few years now. I don’t like milk and though I have drunk coffee black since my teens( too long ago to mention) it is only about 1o years I have drunk tea the same. Have tried many other brands, only Clipper for me! But it has too be with lemon! Also changed my husband and friend to drink it as well.

  • Bazter Ferguson

    I have been using “Clipper” tea bags for several years as part of a treatment for prostate cancer[I use a herbal remedy and they recommended that I use only green tea]–so far so good !!!
    I use Clipper green tea as it is stocked by Morrisons and I like it better than others !!!

  • Hilda Little

    I just love Green tea. I have been drinking it for some years now. I only like Clipper. tried other s but always go back to clipper especially grenn tea with lemon so refreshing. .

  • Sheila Petersen

    Heartily agree about the Nilgiris and the tea plantations. Wonderful trip through them from Tamil Nadu onto Kerala and Karnataka last year!
    A small group of us oldies stayed on a rubber planation near Cochin (stay at The Secret Garden B&B in Cochin if you can!) and a coffee plantation in Karnatka. Bliss!