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Category: Magical Teapot Tour, Tales From Around The Teapot | Posted on: September 23, 2013

Making teatime more magical, since 1984…

Our wonderful teapot, lovingly known as ‘Betty’ here at Clipper, has had an amazing summer! She’s sniffed beautiful bouquets at the Hampton Court Flower Show, unleashed her inner bookworm at the Buxton Literary Festival, and hunted for Gromits in Bristol. Then there was the beautiful Bath, where we met some lovely hen parties, the Kingston Food Festival where we got our nibble on, historic Canterbury and blustery Brighton.

Here at Clipper, we believe that when it comes to tea there’s no such thing as ‘Everyday’. Where others see the everyday, we see the potential for something truly magical, which was why we decided to take our very special teapot out and about across the country. We wanted to show people how exceptional Clipper is, and then give them enough tea to make themselves ten delicious cups, in their own homes, exactly as they like it. We keep receiving letters from people, telling us how much they love our drinks and that’s the best part of the job!  7c944708ebde11e28ec622000aa8030b_7

We’ve been talking tea all summer long, and we’re more than a little sad that our weekends will no longer be filled with telling people about how amazing Clipper is (our friends and family are already well-informed on the subject!). We handed out thousands of special sample packs and mugs on our Tea Cup Carousel, but now Betty needs a rest, so we’re going to pack her up snug with lots of duvets in a big, teapot-shaped box, for her to snooze away the winter.




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