Introducing our six fabulous new fuso blends…

We recently had the beautiful tubs delivered for our fabulous new Fuso Tea Tents range. Sometimes cafés with the most delicious coffee have disappointing tea, but our new Fuso Tea Tents will change all that with some delicious fruit, flowers and of course – tea!

Introducing our six dazzling blends:

English Breakfast Tea – This first-rate blend of leafy orthodox tea features a top Assam to deliver a delicious flavour, exceptional body, and bags of character

Double Mint Infusion – This dazzling infusion balances the cool menthol freshness of peppermint with the natural sweetness of spearmint to deliver exceptional refreshment

Jade Cloud Green Tea – This very special leafy Chinese Green Tea delivers a crisp, fresh flavour and a beautiful jade green coloured liquor of true clarity

Chamomile Infusion – This delicate infusion of whole chamomile flowers, becalms the soul and stirs memories of summer meadows

Earl Grey Tea – A delicate and refined leafy orthodox tea, perfectly balanced with the magnificently refreshing citrus character of pure bergamot oil

Raspberry Burst – A sumptuous flavoured infusion combining delicious hibiscus with the sweetness of apple and a ripe fruity raspberry character

Keep an eye out for them in a lovely café near you!






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Comments (12)
  • gabriela

    what kind of material is used for the tea bags? Are they made of nylon?

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi Gabriela, unfortunately the only biodegradable fuso bags available were made from GM materials, so ours are made from nylon.

  • june webber

    Looks like I missed out the chamomile tea…which is one of my favourites…especially after a hectic day …takes all the stress away….nothing else does the trick….heavenly….

  • june webber

    I also enjoy the earl grey clipper tea…organic which I always have as a special treat….
    and of course the mint ….always so gentle on the digestive system…amazingly soothing…..and of course refreshing…

  • june webber

    I always enjoy a clipper organic everyday tea…..scrumptious……and so refreshing….
    I am looking forward to any new organic herb tea….either a blend of several herbs or solo….I prefer the herb range without any fruits added….just pure organic herb…you cannot beat it!!!!!

  • VALERIE Attfield

    The mint and spearmint sounds amazing mint teas are my favourite.When can we buy?

    Also am unable to enter any of the comps it won’t let me..

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi Valerie, they are very new so not yet available in many cafés, but we’ll post some blog posts once we start spotting them out and about! With the Tea Cup Carousel – people trying to play without Flash (on Apple devices) will have problems – are you using a PC? Thanks!

  • Maria @ runningcupcake

    They sound amazing, especially the mint, or the Earl Grey, or the raspberry one (I bet that would make wonderful iced tea)- are they going to be for sale in the shops/ on your website too, or are they just in cafes?

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi Maria, these are just available in cafés at the moment, but we’re looking into whether we can see them on our webshop! Thanks :)

  • Jean Mellor

    Can you tell me where i can buy the jade cloud tea please ?

    • Clipper Teas

      Hi Jean, these are just available for trade at the moment, but we’re looking into whether we can put them on our webshop! Thanks :)

  • lou

    whoooo i love this packaging! and the jade cloud green tea sounds delicious! will definitely include that in my next order.