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Category: Things to Do and Win | Posted on: August 30, 2013

Win River Cottage Autumn Fair Tickets!

Celebrate the harvest with a trip to the River Cottage Autumn Fair on 7 – 8 September 2013!Farmhouse

The Autumn fair is a great opportunity to have a nose around River Cottage HQ and meet the gang off the telly, including Hugh himself!

There will be cookery demonstrations and talks from the team and contributors, fun activities for children, as well as a range of food, drink and artisan producers selling their wares. The team of chefs put on delicious festival food, often cooked on the barbeque or in their wood fired oven and of course there are always lashings of local beer and cider, with musicians playing throughout the day.

We’re giving away five pairs of tickets to the River Cottage Autumn Fair, and to enter all you need to do is leave us a comment below, telling us what is your favourite autumnal treat – be it a warming apple and blackberry pie, or your delicious version of cheese on toast!

To find out more about the Autumn Fair, visit the River Cottage website!

Entry closes midnight Sunday 1st September.




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  • Dave Bowen

    Last year’s sloe gin, a country walk and back for roast beef, Yorkshire pud and apple pie & custard. Is there room for maybe an afternoon tea? I think so. A perfect day!

  • Jamie

    Home made soup with warm bread

  • Wendy Smith

    Has to be apple crumble with lashings of home-made custard

  • John plass

    Fluffy suet pastry, slow-cooked shin of beef, lamb kidneys and a glass of fine Merlot

  • Hilary Cullen

    Victoria plums ripe and juicy- plucked straight from the tree, or sliced and cooked into a plumlicious pie eaten with custard……
    Elderberry jam – eaten with oven baked potato cakes and butter…..
    Blackberries purple and sweet with the fragrance of bruised apples sliced into a fat pastry pie with leaves fashioned by the children and baked golden brown….
    Carrot and swede mashed and served with good gravy… with the roasted meat and crispy roasted potatoes….
    Sweet chestnuts gathered and roasted and nibbled as a sweet snack after roasting in the ashes of a wood fire down on the allotment….
    So many purely seasonal delights – absolutely looking forward to the fulsomeness and satisfaction of bringing in the fruits (and vegetables, and nuts!) of the year’s harvest…. Fantabulous…..

  • cheryl wood

    is home made soup @ wam bread

  • Tracy

    Homemade cider, pork and parsnip mash

  • Ruby

    Homemade fruit crumble with traditional warm english custard

  • Katheryn Byrd

    It’s really difficult to choose just one favourite autumnal treat, because I find that autumn is my favourite time of year – there’s just something so wonderfully golden about it all – my Mum’s spiced pumpkin soup or my own Butternut squash and Sage risotto definitely has the right colour, but my favourite autumnal treat has to be Damson Jam because of sentiment.

    Some years ago we we’re playing our very odd driving game of lost (Start in the middle of the country side and take it in turns to say with direction we go) when we got stuck being returned to Wye. Finally when we broke free of our rut, I managed to get us up a dead end road – but someone had obviously had a windfall of Damsons and were giving them away free by the crateful – we helped them and ourselves, all loving the sweetness of this beautiful fruit and when we got home made copious quantities of the most delicious jam (all the mean time picking through the box). A family occasion, we all chimed in when we were done we gave jars to all the family and still had six for ourselves – no need to worry, none went to waste! And that is why Damson Jam is my favourite autumn treat.

  • Jenny Patten

    Peach and pineapple coconut-crumble (with custard!)

  • Pauline Royle

    Lovely time of the year, picked blackberries whilst out walking my dog, combined them with a few windfalls from my ancient bramley apple tree and some home grown rhubarb and there you have it a yummy autumn crumble served with icecream.

  • Rachel Coppin

    Love making Dorset Apple Cake with the abundance of apples from my garden.

  • lara cawston

    Tasty venison stew in the słów cooker with greens and sweet potato, yummy and tender!

  • Robert

    My all time favourite is ham sandwiches with mustard and tomato soup.

  • Cheryl Shadbolt

    Soup – especially butternut squash, or lentil with warming spices.

  • Sarah Cartoni

    Just one….very hard… But thank you for getting my juice buds excited for the coming season??

    Sliced marrow filled with beetroot, homemade lemon pesto, chickpeas and finished off with grated hard goats cheese with a roasted butternut squash, baby carrot, raisin, toasted seed salad….cooked in fennel seeds and rosemary finished of with fresh parsley….

  • Serena Knight

    Favorite autumnal treat has to be stewed gooseberries, blackcurrents and strawberries with cream… memories of being in ireland with my nan

  • Jane Wood

    My favourite autumnal treat would be baked Bramley Apples with lots of freshly picked blackberries from around the village lanes, served with home made custard; yum, yum, my mouth is watering at the thought of it! :0)

  • Brooke Ritchie

    A lovely steak diane with garlic mash

  • John Beare

    If this is being moderated ‘sheet’ on the last entry should have read ‘sweet’.
    I hope you can amend.

  • John Beare

    Loganberry (a blackberry/raspberry cross) crumble…… not something I have ever seen on a menu anywhere. My Dad used to grow them. Beautiful, sweet and sharp all at the same time! ;-)

  • Fiona Godden

    My favourite autumn treat would be the first of the root vegetables slow roasted with loads of garlic and a bit of raw coconut oil and drizzled with some Balsamic Glaze. Hhhmmmm…….can smell it now !!:)

  • Stephanie Bennett

    Beef and Guinness Stew with Dumplings

  • Siobhan Trueman

    My favourite autumn meal is roasted pumpkin or squash with honey and sesame seeds and a soba noodle salad!

  • Kate Pemberton

    For me, Autumn is soup time and one of my favourites is Butternut squash with nut butter soup, basically a big dollop of peanut butter in a spicy butternut squash soup adds extra creaminess and depth. I always serve it with chunky garlicy croutons (bread ends cut up and fried in olive oil with garlic and herbs), chopped coriander and a dash of sour cream.
    Hope you like it!

  • Jenny Gaute

    It has to be soup and home made bread- even more so after yestersdays master chef.

  • Adam Macey

    It has to be apple and blackberry crumble with custard, dont tell my girlfriend but i like the one her mums makes the most :-)

  • susanna collins

    Gooseberry crumble

  • Sarah Ellis

    My favorite autumnal treat is a homemade Homity Pie made with lashings of strong cheese pure comfort food.

  • gail grant

    Love this program to bits love watching Hugh cook bake and harvest his own vegetables from his garden plot . i have an allotment and theres no better feeling than picking digging your own vegetables then preparing them into something lush to eat x

  • Katy McCarthy

    A favourite autumnal treat in our house is fresh blackberry and apple crumble with an abundance of blackberries from the local fields and a lovely light crumble topping with some almonds and of course a lovely custard to eat with it.

  • Sarah Connolly

    I love Apple & Blackberry crumble, especially the gooey bit in the middle with home made custard, mmmm.

  • Trevor Beckett

    My favourite Autumn treat is home-cooked Lentil Shepherd’s Pie with a cheesy topping, served with fresh veg and gravy. My Wife is a nurse and really appreciates coming home to this warming, satisfying meal after a hard day on the ward.

  • pallavi prasad

    My all time favorite autumnal treat is apple crumble… I always love it!

  • Sarah Ellis

    My favourite autumn dinner has got to be warm homemade Homity Pie (with plenty of strong cheese added) perfect comfort food for the cold nights.

  • Sarah Ellis

    My favourite autumn dinner has got to be warm home made homity pie (with plenty of strong cheese added) Complete comfort food for the winter.

  • Mrs Lucy Jewell

    Blackberry and apple crumble made with oats and mint topping :)