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Category: Things we love | Posted on: February 6, 2014

Clipper Fans Love Poems

I have been a fan for many years,
enjoyed a cup over laughs and tears,
Your white tea is by far the best,
or some orange and coconut when I need some zest,
chamomile to calm my jitters,
you sure can tell I’m a Clipper Sipper,
such a comforting fairtrade blend,
I will be a Clipper fan til the end!
- Laura Olivia Tonks

A regular cup of Clipper,
Leave me feeling chipper.
Fruity, Green or Earl Grey,
The perfect start to any day!

- Nick Hopkins

If you find you’re dying for a cup of tea give us a call
Just shout for Lapsang souchong, Assam, Earl Grey, yes we stock them all
If a little at eleven is your own idea of heaven
We’ve the tiffin that is spiffin for you good ladies and gentlemen
If you are dying for a brew
Then we can make your dreams come true
There’s not a fancy we can’t fix or delicacy bring to you
From Billingsgate to Oxford
And from Thurso up to Kircaldy
There’s no length we won’t go to to bring you you’re favourite ounce of tea
We’ve every kind of brew here black, green, red or herbal take your pick
There’s lavender and bergamont, our chilli chai packs quite a kick
If you need milk or sugar we can get you some in half a tick
(Just please go easy on the cream a little drop should do the trick.)

- Lou Lou Pulford

We shared a cup of love me truly
He said will you be mine
I said Darling yes i would
Tonight and for all time
He passed his empty cup and said
Will you please Marry me
Then i suddenly realised
He was talking to the tea
I promised him another cup
If he would marry me
Surprising what can happen
When you share a Clipper tea

- Shirley Revill

I drink it for breakfast with fruit,
then again before work en route,
be it green or white,
it always taste right,
and the packaging is always quite cute!

- Victoria Laverty




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