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Category: Things we love | Posted on: August 22, 2013

Free Fruitiness from Firefly Tonics!

We’ve still got plenty of sunshine to come this summer (always a full cup here!) and we’ve got a very fruity giveaway to make the most of the sun!

Firefly Kiwi, Lime & Mint

Our friends at Firefly have the perfect summer tipple.  Refresh your system with their homage to the classic Mojito. Tropical kiwi’s and zesty limes with a hint of mint.  Fruity and refreshing, you’ll be shaking your maracas in no time.  Olé!

We have 25 bottles to give away and we’ll also throw in our After Dinner Mints infusion – a naturally sweet blend of double mint and spicy fennel and ginger, which is perfect post-pudding and post-Mojito!

20 After Dinner Mints env HR

All you have to do to win is add a comment to this blog post letting us know your favourite summer tipple (the fruitier the better!).  We’ll choose our favourites and if we pick yours, you’ll be a winner!

*Entries close Tuesday 27th August at midnight




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  • Daniel Mourits says:

    pear, strawberry, grape and currant
    sweet and refreshing

  • Claire Ramsden says:

    Orange, Lime and Strawberry Fruit Crush with Ice and a slice of Lime

  • Peter Matthews says:

    Strawberry and lime juice yum

  • Robert Harris says:

    The KIWI, LIME and mint is the BEST

  • Elaine Enochs says:

    Oh my gosh, anything Strawberries!!! This summer I bought fresh strawberries from the farmers market, fresh peaches, and blended them together with a very little chilled strawberry tea. Heavenly.

  • dale fewster says:

    ty I would love to win or try these.im a herbal tea lover an would love to be a taster for you.ty

  • leslie walton says:


  • sharon jones says:

    mango pineapple banana and peach smothie!!

  • Lorna Hampton-Bowes says:

    My favourite this year was an earl grey infused gin cocktail it was so lovely!

  • Grace Newbould says:

    Lemon & Lime (Firefly preferably!) with 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters.

    When I was in Australia you could buy lemonade and bitters everywhere so I fondly remember drinking it at park BBQs.

    Refreshing drink + memories of Oz= heaven!

  • Chris Ruffles says:

    A couple of sun softened peaches
    the juice of a lime
    lots of ice cubes

    If you wanted a livelier option a shot of rum probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Lovely on a hot summers day.

  • Katie says:

    My own magical creation of double strength orange and mango Sainsbury’s squash (student here, so no snazzy prices), mixed with lemonade, a splash of vodka and a few tinned mandarins dropped in, yummy mcyummerson!

  • Louise S says:

    Rose lemonade is a firm favourite here although I love homemade Mango smoothies, with a dash of passionfruit and lime.

  • trish says:

    strawberry, lime, kiwi and ginger with lemonade! (With ice)

    Its an odd but nice homemade drink, now let me try yours please, cos it sounds delish!!

  • Jebby says:

    If I’m really really honest then if its hot in the garden there’s nothing like a huge tub of ice filled with bottles of beer. Everyone as cold as the last. But for fruity drinks homemade still lemonade with loads of ice. And if your amongst friends a splash or two of vodka. Mmm mmm mmmmm

  • sonia rowbotham says:

    Gotta be the new pims with alittle sambuka, raspberry cranberry juice, a load of cherries, limes, lemons, crushed ice and a umbrella :-) Perfect summer!!

  • Kyle Bradshaw says:

    I absolutely love an ice cold Mojito! Beach is an optional, but much preferred extra!!

  • stephanie bennett says:

    the new Pimms (Blackberry and Elderflower) with Soda, and also Mint, Cucumber and Strawberries from our garden! :)

  • Jodi Dougan says:

    I have to go with a classic a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri! Although I’m flexible and willing to adapt to a Mojito or even a Piña Colada. Would love to win this they sound amazing

  • Thi Huynh says:

    Peach Iced Tea-a great drink to cool me down in the summer heat!

  • Wendy Dunn says:

    Cherry Tea

  • Maria says:

    Watermelon gazpacho please

  • Maggie says:

    Tango with strawberries and melon peices mixed in…with a little umbrella.

  • Judith Luscombe says:

    My favourite fruity tipple is a glass of fresh orange juice with a touch of fresh lemon juice, a teaspoon of caster sugar t sweeten and then add some chilled Champagne or sparkling wine. If would like an added kick, its great with a tot of brandy.

  • Eilis Bond says:

    Normally my perfect summer drink is a big jug of Pimms, Lemonade and a splash of Pomegranate juice, with lots of fruit and cucumber.

    This summer however I am pregnant so have been enjoying Elderflower Pressee ice cold from the fridge, pints of sparkling water, with a splash of lemon juice and a handful of frozen berries and homemade lemonade made with the recipe my grandmother used to use to make it for my mum when she was pregnant…


  • Emma Bevis says:

    I love a refreshing and classic G&T with plenty of tonic water, lots of ice and a nice big chunk of lime or lemon. Gorgeous!

  • Darren Winter says:

    A light green tea with fresh mint, lemon, lime and a few dashes of apple juice, all over ice.

  • Lynn Harris says:

    Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

  • joanne thomas says:

    elderflower and lemon cordial

  • Alicia Rees says:

    I adore lemon ice tea with a little bit of ginger ale, it’s amazing!

  • Martin says:

    Peach iced tea!

  • Rach says:

    Gin, elderflower presse and sparkling water!

    Or, cold brewed tea & peach syrup

    or! whatever fruit has started to go funny in the heat all chucked in a blender.

  • michelle higgs says:

    its got to be a fuzzy navel for me! its lush on a hot summers day xx

  • Lucy McShane says:

    My most favourite summer tipple is my mums award winning homemade Elderflower cordial, mixed with ice cold sparkling water, and perhaps a slice of lime. Soo refreshing!! Puts a smile on my face every time :)

  • Peter Hunt says:

    I’m currently loving a cold infusion of green tea with jasmine made with sparkling water. On the rocks.

  • Sharon Arnott says:

    The juice of half a lemon and half a lime squeezed into a glass of iced water which is then stirred and topped with a sprig of mint. Totally refreshing and Zingy when it’s hot outside.

  • Angela Halsall says:

    My favourite summer tipple is ginger, apple and vanilla punch with vodka and lime. Amazing! Fruity and fiery and very grown up.

  • Gary-Eoghan Gallagher says:

    Ice. Lots of Ice.
    Lime sliced and squeezed.
    Soda dash.
    Grab Mints Leave. Muddle in.
    Grab Mango Juice. Pour.
    Soda Dash.
    Orange slice.