How to Make Your Very Own Felt Decoration…

We’ve had lots of fun in the Clipper office making felt decorations of all different shapes and sizes! Add a ribbon and hang them on your Christmas tree, include them in a homemade advent calendar, or decorate your desk!

Choose  your shape, and practice drawing it. If your design features more than one colour, plan out how the pieces of felt will work together. We’ve gone for a simple tea cup design, which can be cut from one piece of felt, but you can create anything from penguins to Christmas puds!

Choose which colour felt you’d like to use, and then draw the outline onto the felt, making sure there’s enough felt to create two pieces of the same shape.
Pin the two pieces of felt together, and carefully cut out the shape.

Remove the pin and turn over the two pieces of felt, so that the marker pen is on the inside, and trim the edges if they don’t line up exactly.
Decide on your decorations, and glue them on.

Pin the two pieces back together, and start to sew them to each other. If you want to add in a ribbon so it can be hung from a Christmas tree, this is the time to do so.

Before you’ve completely sewn it up, poke in your tea bag and as much other filling as you’d like. We’ve used Love Me Truly because it’s a chai blend which offers a lovely Christmassy scent, but you can choose your favourite or skip the tea altogether! For filling, you can use scraps of old fabric, or even some clean plastic bag strips – whatever you have to hand.
Finish off sewing up, and your felt decoration is complete!






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Comments (1)
  • Lizzy

    Love the idea and I am just thinking of things for an 8 year old to do for Mother’s Day and bingo I can try this!!