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Category: What's Brewing | Posted on: May 4, 2013

Decaffeination… The Clipper Way

Some other tea makers use chemical solvents such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to strip the caffeine from their teas. Ethyl acetate works well in nail polish remover (so we’ve heard), but let’s just say it’s not very Clipper.

What’s more, chemical solvents remove the caffeine solvents remove the caffeine, but they can leave behind a chemical residue. That’s why we use the natural CO2 decaffeination method, which leaves behind no chemical nasties whatsoever.

Our decaf process uses carbon dioxide, a completely natural resource, found in the air we breathe. It’s also the gas that gives sparkling water its bubbles.

The CO2 method of decaffeination is far better for the environment than using chemical solvents and it doesn’t leave any unnatural chemical residues; just lovely, fresh tasting tea.

The Soil Association approves CO2 decaffeination for use in organic products because it’s the most natural way to remove the caffeine.  At Clipper, we’re proud to say that it’s the only method we ever use, for all our decaf teas and coffees.

Removing the caffeine can take away some of the flavour, so we’ve selected a premium, organic Assam for our Everyday decaf. Assam tea delivers a big, full−flavour, even after it ‘s been decaffeinated. So you see we can be decaf and still be delicious.




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  • wendy finney says:

    Thank goodness for Clipper – now we can drink our decaf. with a clear conscience! Great news for the phobic health freaks among us.

  • Mygnonette Bradshaw says:

    We are very pleased to know you don’t use chemicals in your process of decaffeineted tea. And it tastes the best of all that we have tasted

  • Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing tea. I have been struggling to find a naturally decaffeinated one on the high street and when I finally came across this one I was amazed, and so gratified, to find that it has the best flavour ever for a decaf tea too. Well done and hallelujah!!

  • Chris says:

    Dear Clipper
    I’m delighted to see you use the co2 method for decaffeinating your 80-bag boxes of Assam but can I ask if you also use co2 for the 40-bag boxes sold by Tesco? The box has a different colour and design so I wondered if it was the same product. It can be found here:

  • Sinead Hart says:

    Hi Tesco used to stock your decaf green tea in Ireland but out of it for weeks. Where else I’m Ireland stocks it

  • Victoria says:

    Hi, i really love your decaf tea, but is it fair trade?

  • Cara says:

    Hi, which method do you use to make your decaf coffee please? The information says you only use co2 for all your teas and coffees but one of your comments below says the swiss water method? Thanks!

  • Bev Green says:

    I love your Green tea with lemon but wondered how much caffeine does it contain? Thanks

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Bev, we don’t measure the caffeine in our non-decaffeinated drinks, but you can assume our Green and Lemon will have around 0.0002g per cup :)

  • Rosie says:

    I have been a fan of Clipper teas for many years and I am very pleased to find a tea that is Organic and Decaf! I am sensitive to caffeine and cannot even drink Green tea, which is often portrayed as caffeine free, because it gives me a hyper reaction.

    Well Done!

  • Clare says:

    Please can tell me if your pure green tea is caffeine free? Thank You.

  • Olivia Manduca says:

    Is there any caffeine left behind after this process? Kind regards

  • Peach Sweetman says:

    I enjoy your decaffeinated green tea very much.
    Hope you decide to make a decaff white tea sometime.
    Clipper is a great and cute name,by the way.Cheers me up.Strange,I know!
    Love your website and company.
    Love Peach.x

  • Siân says:

    Having just done some research into the decaffination process of green tea, I was very relieved to read that Clipper use the healthier option. I avoid caffeine due to migraine, but am now concerned that I am not getting the full health benefits as a result of the decaf process. I notice you say the caffeine content of ordinary green tea is about 0.01%, would you recommend I try it? It has been many years since I have had caffeine (though I believe there is some in chocolate and I do have that!)

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Siân, it’s totally up to you as to whether you give our decaff Green a go :) We’re not doctors, so wouldn’t really be able to say one way or the other.

  • Petra says:

    Dear Clipper team,
    thank you for the great teas and greetings from Finland.

    I read an article about a fact that it is not required to mention if there is sugar added into tea bags. My question is: Can I offer your teas to a friend who due to the health issues cannot drink cane/sugar beet sugar?

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Petra, we don’t add sugar to any of our teas, but some of the infusions will contain starch (to bind with the liquid fruit flavours added), so as long as your friend is okay with starch, we’d imagine they should be fine! Hope that helps

  • Lyn says:

    Hi clipper!

    I’m going to start off by saying that I love your regular organic tea. But as I drink too much tea during a normal day I’ve started to drink decaf tea as well.

    I love strong tea so this may be the problem – but I’m really not finding the decaf tea to have any flavour at all – despite extended brewing. I now put two bags in one cup and very small amounts of milk but its not that good. Have you got a stronger decaf brand out there or should I brew differently?


    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Lyn, thanks for your comment. Usually our decaf gets rave reviews, so we’re a little surprised to hear your comments. We’d recommend a fresh kettle of water which has just boiled over the teabag – best of luck!

  • Peter says:

    Can you confirm that your decaf green tea is organic please?

  • Sara williams says:

    Really love your teas and coffee,wish others would take a leaf out of your book and respect planet .

  • Catherine Blower says:

    Organic Green Tea- Hello, Can you tell me if your organic green tea is caffeine free please. it doesn’t state on any of your boxes for any of the teas. thank you, kate

  • Bridget Payne says:

    Hi, I am a fan of your decaffeinated green tea. However, I would like to sample some of the other flavours that you produce. Do you sell tea bags in smaller quantities?

    Would you consider maybe having a large box, with say 9 compartments with various flavours for people to purchase?

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Bridget, we’ve looked into these mixed boxes, but unfortunately are unable to stop the flavours from becoming mingled, so decided against making them. We’ll see what we can do though!

  • Marina says:

    Hello Clipper, I’m somewhat confused. Some teas are cafeine free and some are not? But which ones? I’ve red that if there is cafeine inside, it’s mentioned on the package. Now I’ve studied the organic earl grey tea package and there is no mentioning of cafeine. So can I conclude it’s cafeine free?
    I’m advised to drink tea without ‘looizuur’ (gallotannine) and ‘theine’ (which is an other name for cafeine). Sorry for the Dutch expressions, but I really don’t know the English translation. I recently discovered your teas and I would like to know which ones I can try without the mentioned components above?
    I really like your teas by the way. The Organic Infusion Lemon & Ginger is one of my favorites. I hope that more flavores will be sold in supermarkets in Holland soon. As a grafic design student I also really like your style and looks of the packages and website. Keep on going, Clipper!

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Marina, tea naturally contains caffeine, so anything with the ‘Cameilla Sinensis’ plant in (such as Earl Grey) will have some caffeine in. If you’re looking to avoid caffeine, our fruit or herbal infusions are probably your best bet, just avoid our Rise and Shine blend :)

  • John Robertshaw says:

    Which decaffeination method do you use for your coffee?

  • Jo says:

    Please could you tell me how much caffeine is in your regular green tea . Thankyou

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Jo, we only measure caffeine levels in our decaff blends, as they vary from crop to crop before being decaffeinated. However, there’s roughly 0.01g of caffeine in 100g of green tea :)

  • Edwin Leaddley says:


    I bought a 50g ( 25 bag) pack of Clipper Green Tea. I actually wanted decaffeinated tea but Sainsbury’s did
    not have any. Is Decaffeinated Clipper tea available
    Edwin Leaddley

  • claire mason says:

    I switched to decaf a year ago. I’m trying out different blends but really miss earl grey. I know someone else has mentioned this already but I’d love to find a naturally decaf earl grey in a tea bag. I hope you’ll consider trying it sometime :)

  • Alison says:

    Hi, how much caffeine is in your Green Tea with Lemon?

    Thank you

    ps it tastes great!

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Alison, glad you love our Green and Lemon! We only measure caffeine levels in our decaff blends, as they vary from crop to crop before being decaffeinated. However, there’s roughly 0.01g of caffeine in 100g of green tea :)

  • zoe banbury says:

    What coffee beans are used in your decaf coffee. Arabic or robusta? Yours is the best tasting decaf tea buy long shot. thanks.

  • helen gilbert says:

    Where can I buy organic decaffe green tea, also the same with earl gray, both clipper brands

    • Ali Hooper says:

      Hi Helen – you should find the organic decaf Green Tea in Tesco’s and also our Earl Grey 80′s is in Tesco and Waitrose and our 50′s pack in Sainsburys. Happy shopping!

  • trudy says:

    Hi, can you tell me how much caffeine is in your super special organic decaf coffee, (sorry to ask on a tea thread but couldn’t find a coffee one! ) as I’ve been told that you can’t have a 100% caffeine free coffee??
    many thanks

    • Ali Hooper says:

      Hi Trudy – The EU limit for caffeine in Decaffeinated instant coffee is 0.3% . Therefore the coffee is processed so that caffeine level is within this limit. Hope this helps. Clipper x

  • Alissa Gandro says:

    Hello, I was wondering if your white tea was decaffeinated also.

  • sam says:

    Great to know you use CO2 method. But the article only mentions Assam. So please can you confirm that your decaf green tea is also made using CO2? Does this apply to all your decaf products?

  • Deirdre Ireland says:

    I have been drinking decaffinated tea for ages but only recently discovered that in some cases the decaffination process uses serious chemicals!! I tried to source CO2 decaf on line and was directed to very expensive websites, so I was delighted to hear that Clipper do CO2 decaf!! I drink your green and white teas already so I just wanted to acknowledge your great products (that are not slowly poisoning me!!!)

    Kind Regards

  • pat fisher says:

    I have been recommended to drink de caff tea,the only tea I like is assam,is it right to still use milk in de caff tea,I have just a splash in my ordinary assam,thanks

  • Linda Field says:

    how much caffeine is in your delicious organic de caf coffee thanks

  • Doug W says:

    Just to say that I also would like to buy decaf green tea with lemon from Clipper.

  • FG from Seattle says:

    I just returned to the states from the UK. I love, love clipper teas. I picked up a few boxes while there but will sadly run out. Is there anyone in the US that sells Clipper (Seattle area, specifically)? Some are on Amazon, but not all your yummy flavors.

  • Kay Oswald says:

    Hi, does your Green Tea with Lemon come in a decaf form?

  • greenswan says:

    decaf tea
    what a amazing brand ……….i really like it….!!!
    because it is a combination of many flavor..it,s good for health……..

  • Anna Grace Richards says:

    Great! I try to consume as much organic loveliness as possible, and it only just occurred to me that decaffeinated teas might actuallybe made through chemical use. Since I’ve been searching for a decaf tea made with the Co2 process. Yours do! Yay!

  • Chris says:

    Where in the US can I purchase Clipper Organic
    Decaf tea bags. I live in New Jersey outside of NYC.

  • Jackie Thomas says:

    Thank you for your quick reply. I was concerned about the method of decaffeination of your teas and coffee, as I saw a program on TV showing coffee beans being decaffeinated with chemicals. I am relieved to discover that yours are not.

  • H SEYMOUR says:

    My husband and i have been drinking Clipper Decaf green tea for years. Someone at work mentioned recently about benefits of Caffeinated vs Decaf green tea. Having looked at your website again I am happy to learn about the CO2 method. Can you comment on the percentage of polyphenols/antioxidants in your green tea vs your decaffeinated green tea.

    Many thanks

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Heather, I’m afraid we don’t measure antioxidants in our teas, so we couldn’t comment on that. Thanks, The Clipper Team

  • Zoe Playdon says:

    Just wondering how much caffeine is still in your decaf tea bags? I know it is minimal in comparison to ordinary tea, but how much is still there?

  • Therese Clear says:

    I have just discovered that my regular de-caff tea bags use the methyl ethylene process and want to get away from this. I have enjoyed your decaff coffee for some time now so any chance you have or will shortly consider a decaffeinated earl grey as I have never seen it in the shops and its my favourite flavour.
    I get palpitations from caffeine and being a bit of a tea-aholic I have to stay caffeine free as much as possible so what’s the verdict? pleeeese!! Tc

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Therese, I’m afraid we’re not looking to make a decaff Earl Grey any time soon, but maybe one day – keep your eyes peeled! You could try adding a little orange peel into our Decaff tea, and see if that gives you a flavour close to what you’d like? :)

  • Hannah Miller says:

    I have struggled to find a green tea I find flavoursome and really enjoy you Pure Green Tea. I also like the fact that the bags are not bleached and favour your decaffeinated process. Well done!

  • gordon carnan says:

    i enjoy your green tea with lemon,is it decaffeinated.

    • Clipper Teas says:

      Hi Gordon, no – our green teas naturally contain caffeine, but we do make a decaff blend if you’re looking to avoid it :)

  • Becci Spencer says:

    I was extremely pleased to discover your wonderful decaf tea because I was suffering with terrible headaches, allergic to chemicals and a tea-a-holic! Thank you Clipper for your excellent product.

  • Patricia Harris says:

    I switched to de-caff some years ago. Having read about the health risks of teas decaffeinated with chemicals, I was pleased to find Clipper.

    Your tea delivers the flavour of a good quality tea that is missing from other de-caffs.

    Thank you.

  • Ellen Jones` says:

    Being caffeine intolerant and having a love (borderline obsession) of tea, I have to drink decaf.

    Clipper is the only tea that I don’t get a migraine from, presumably because the other main tea brands use a chemical decaffeination process.

    thank you for producing this, so me and my two sons can enjoy our favourite drink without any of the nasty side effects we would normally get.

  • Jacque Bridge says:

    This is very good to hear and I shall happily buy aany of your decafinated teas from now on I have up to now restricted myself to those that gave this information on the packet. Thank you.