Speciality Tea

Clipper’s Specialities are a fresh take on ancient traditions: all of them are Fairtrade and organic and often they reinvigorate an old favourite that has long been taken for granted.

As always, our yardstick is not other organic or Fairtrade teas, but the best-tasting conventional teas.

Speciality Teas

Tasting Notes

Clipper English Breakfast is an extremely special blend of the finest Organic Assam and Ceylon teas with a full, refreshing flavour that's welcome at any time of day.

Our Earl Grey also uses a blend of Ceylon to deliver the light, refreshing taste – it is then subtly infused with natural bergamot oils. Clipper Earl Grey tastes distinctly different from other Earl Grey’s as we never use artificial flavourings to enhance the blend – the only added flavour is the bergamot oil.