Occasion Infusions

Organic Flower Power

organic flower power infusion

A blooming beautiful blend of nothing more than our favourite flowers.

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Elderflower* (35%), Chamomile* (25%), White Hibiscus* (20%), Red Hibiscus* (20%). *Organically Grown Ingredient.

Clipper products are made with pure natural ingredients. We use only the highest-quality sources, add nothing artificial. No wonder they taste so good.

Ethically Sourced

Clipper products are sourced and made with a clear conscience. We are the pioneers of unbleached, plant-based and biodegradable tea bags and always strive to make things better for people and the planet.

Good to Know


occasion infusions,
this is how we do it:

always use fresh water, pour it over the tea bag while it is still boiling and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes

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