Black tea*, Cinnamon* (17%), Orange peel*, Cloves* (8%), Fennel seed* (5%). *Organically grown ingredient. Tea, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel: traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards, total 83%. Visit

Clipper products are made with pure natural ingredients. We use only the highest-quality sources, add nothing artificial. No wonder they taste so good.

Ethically Sourced

Making the world a fairer place sip by sip. We have been working with Fairtrade since 1994 and today we are very proud to be the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand.

Clipper products are sourced and made with a clear conscience. We constantly strive to improve the welfare of the workers, whilst helping improving standards in education, health & housing.

Good to Know

fairtrade accreditation

black teas,
this is how we do it:

always use fresh water, pour it over the tea bag while it's still boiling and allow to brew for 2-4 minutes

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