Our #AcTEAvism campaign Launch

Our #AcTEAvism campaign Launch

Responsibili-TEA: Swap your tea and make a big difference!

On Tuesday the 11th of June we invited London to join us for a tea break at Boxpark in Shoreditch to celebrate 25 years of Fairtrade and launch our #AcTEAvism campaign. We were joined by incredible speakers from Broadcaster and activist Laura Whitmore to Mike Gidney, the CEO of Fairtrade talking all things sustainability.

We swapped over 500 boxes of our natural, fair and delicious tea with our lovely Clipper supporters. The campaign was launched to show the tangible difference that Fairtrade and Sustainable choices can make. We want these powerful stories to stick in your mind each time you buy a box of our tea.

Our beautiful Clipper van served over 3000 cups of tea and helped spread the message that we can make more sustainable choices even through buying a great cup of tea!

The amazing Anna de la Vega, the Director at the Urban Worm came to spark debate around all things sustainability or (sustainabili-tea) as we like to call it!, ‘‘Combat national food waste by turning it into the finest, organic fertilizer in the world”. Worm farming is an amazing economical solution for organic waste management and organic agriculture and is just the perfect example of how we can start to change the world for good!

We were also joined by Sharon Bassey from the British Bee Keeping Association telling us how individually we can protect the bees ‘‘Help bees by planting food for yourself and them, like herbs”. All it takes is for us to be a conscious consumer and take these small actions to save our beautiful planet.

We hope to have inspired a new following of #AcTEAvists to come together and buy good tea!

25 Years of Fairtrade

Today, we’re the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand, working with partner estates who adhere to Fairtrade Standards. All it takes is for all of us to make those small changes and make a big difference! We want people to think about how these small swaps can actually be a big force for good.

We Shared our “25 stories to share over a cuppa” booklet with our Shoreditch supporters, showing 25 inspirational examples of how the Fairtrade premiums we pay have helped our tea workers and their communities. From providing Vaccinations to free School buses, every cup counts! The smallest actions we take really do have the biggest impact and through buying a box of Clipper you can choose to make the world of difference to those who produce it!


“People need to get out there and do more and it all starts with one cuppa. There are lots of other small things you can do whether that’s using paper straws, wearing ethically sourced clothing or drinking Fairtrade tea.

None of us are perfect but it’s introducing small things that will in time make a big difference’’.

Laura Whitmore, Broadcaster and Activist

Let's brew up a revolution!

The journey from crop to cup can be a challenging one but we believe everyone wants to make good choices. You’ll be blown away by the impact you can make just from choosing a good tea!


So join the #AcTEAvist movement and let’s brew up a revolution!

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