Sophie Vs The Gherkin

Posted: July 28, 2015

This year, I decided I wanted to do something for charity, and a few weeks ago I signed up to The Gherkin Challenge in support of the NSPCC. When I did it, I’m not sure I was completely thinking straight, as I’m the least sporty person out of my entire group of friends! Why on earth did I think I’d manage to climb all 1037 steps up to the top of The Gherkin with only a couple of month’s preparation?!

So far, I’ve been trying to boost my cardio levels, just so I don’t pass out half way up. I’ve quit taking the lift at work, which means either three of floor flights of stairs to climb most days, and I’ve also bought myself a nice new pair of trainers to help motivate me. I’m going to get a whole lot more active in the next few months, and try my hardest to make it to the top of The Gherkin in a good time.

As well as running, I’m also trying to swim when I can and have also been hula-hooping for a few months now, which although it might not seem it, is a work-out and a half!

I’ve always said I’d start exercising more, but by setting the challenge of doing something for charity, it’s really given me the motivation to get moving and generally build up my fitness. I’m trying to eat a little better too, and having cups of Clipper Green Tea throughout the day helps with that!

If you’re struggling to feel motivated to exercise, then set yourself a challenge, whether it be a personal goal or something for charity. You can also try fun workouts, like hula-hooping or dancing, and don’t forget the cute workout clothes also help!

So far, I feel like I’m on the right track to making it to the top of The Gherkin on the 6th September, so wish me luck!

By Sophie from Follow Your Arrow

Living in the Essex country side, Sophie likes to write about things she loves, things she gets up to and things that are important to her.

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