Confessions Of A Breakfast Addict

Posted: April 28, 2015

Breakfast is just the best, isn’t it? Well I certainly think so.

So it’s somewhat incomprehensible for me that so many people don’t eat it. At all.

Apparently a whopping 60% of Brits skip breakfast and thus miss out on the best meal of the day. What crazies.



A healthy, delicious, energising breakfast, alongside a cup of tea, is without a doubt the best way to start the day!

I love breakfast so much that I happily eat porridge for brinner (breakfast for dinner, obvs) and peanut butter bagels for lunch.

Sure, I understand that people want to stay in bed as long as possible in the morning, but for me, it’s the prospect of breakfast that gets me up!

Whilst some people wolf down a bowl of cereal in two minutes, I leave myself a good 20 minutes to really enjoy (and Instagram, natch) my breakfast.



I am equally puzzled by people who eat the same thing every. Single. Morning. Why would you do that when there are so many scrummy options?!

Yup, I always go to bed looking forward to breakfast the next morning.

And you really needn’t leave yourself quite a much time as I do. In fact, a lot of my fave brekkies are prepared the night before! So, just what am I eating?

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