All our coffees, ground or instant, are made with Fairtrade coffee beans.

Our aim is to deliver a full-bodied and smooth cup, so all processes, from roasting to decaffeination and freeze-drying, are entirely natural to ensure that the flavour is not impaired.


Latin American
Instant Coffee

Fruit Infusions – 10 envelopes

Tasting Notes

It's official. The happiest people on the planet live in Latin America*. And, after lots of highly scientific ponderings, we've decided the reason has to be the coffee. Just looking at our coffee jars gets us in the carnival mood. (*According to a 2011 poll by Gallup)


Our Organic Coffee is like having a private carnival in your cup!  They have all the flavour of Latin American Arabica's making a toasty, smooth blend, giving you pleasure in an instant.  And once you’ve drunk all your coffee, why not use the jar to store pencils, paintbrushes and other precious things?

Instant Coffee

Clipper Instant

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Discover our full range of Fairtrade and Organically certified instant coffees which feature toasty and intense blends with a clean finish and a rich aroma.

Roast and Ground Occasions

Clipper Roast

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The perfect cup of coffee for any mood or moment; Wake up with a spicy Javan Sumatra, relax with a smooth easy-drinking decaf or recharge after dinner with an intense South American Arabica.

Café Bar

Cafe Bar

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Discover this deeply rich and satisfying range inspired by coffee shop culture.

Be seduced by our Italian Roast and Ground, a rich, dark and intense coffee with a powerful aroma or try our perky little Espresso blend, strong and nutty, especially suited to espresso makers.