Who We Are

We’re Clipper Teas and we’re a different kind of tea company. It all started in Mike and Lorraine Brehme’s Dorset kitchen with two chests of finest quality Assam tea.

The UK is a nation of tea drinkers, but Mike and Lorraine, who were master tasters, believed that people were being short changed, drinking cup after cup of poor quality tea. They wanted to share their love of great teas with everybody, but with the promise that every ingredient had been ethically sourced and naturally produced.

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Friends Of Fairtrade

Clipper has been an ethical business from the start. “It was always about how you want to make a living,” explained Mike. “I was in tea already, and I realised there was child labour involved and I thought, “That’s no way to make a living.”

Because of Mike and Lorraine’s guiding principles, Clipper became involved with the Fairtrade Foundation in its earliest stages and policy development. We launched our very first Fairtrade tea in 1994 and in 2015, we are still the UK’s No 1 Fairtrade Tea Company.

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Natural, Fair And Delicious...

Our other guiding principle, is of course, taste. We are in no doubt that our Fairtrade Everyday Tea is the best-tasting conventional tea you can buy – not just the best Fairtrade tea. Over the years we have introduced organic tea, coffee, green and white tea and some beautiful fruit and herbal infusions making sure everything we do is in line with the principles laid down by Mike Brehme in 1984:

“Always a pure, natural product – there isn’t a single artificial ingredient in any of our products.”

That’s why we’re proud to say – Clipper is always Natural, Fair and Delicious.

Things We’re Proud Of: