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There’s Tea, Then There’s GOOD Tea

since the very beginning, 40 years ago, Clipper has been on a mission to be different

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Natural, fair, delicious

Natural, fair and delicious isn’t just a strapline, it’s a guide to everything we do

Our sustainability plastic free tick

Better, better, better

We were the first plastic free, unbleached and plant based tea bag and the 1stnaturally decaffeinated tea.

Our sustainability plastic free tick

Proud & determined

We’re extremely proud of our credentials we’re not perfect, but we strive to be better everyday.

Here at Clipper, we are the only tea brand addressing every one of the sustainability concerns below…


Natural & organic

Clipper is fiercely committed to being organic, 95% of our range is organic, and anything new we make will be organic certified.



We are Fairtrade’s first and longest-standing tea partner, selling more Fairtrade tea than any other tea brand globally. Over half our products are Fairtrade.

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We believe simple is better and that’s true for our tea and our packaging, too. We never used chemically bleached teabags because who cares if a teabag isn’t white? After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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All our packaging is recyclable! Use the button below to see a page that includes a guide to our packaging


Biodegradable & plant based

We’re packaging pioneers, we switched to a plant-based, fully biodegradeable bio-material over a year ago.

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Clipper Tea Fairtrade Organic Pure Green Tea

Organic Pure Green Tea

This light and delicate pure green tea, with a bright golden colour, tastes as good as it looks in the cup.
Clipper Tea Organic Fairtrade English Breakfast Tea

Organic English Breakfast

A majestic blend starring full-bodied Assam and wonderfully delicate Ceylon for a refreshing finish. Best enjoyed with the morning papers.
Clipper Tea Organic Fairtrade Everyday Tea Bags

Organic Everyday

A deliciously refreshing, rich and full-bodied blend of quality black teas sourced from the finest organic tea gardens.
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