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Clipper green tea is characteristically light and clear. With green tea, it is all about the quality of the leaves and the expertise in the production process, which gives us the distinct profile we are searching for. We only work with trusted Fairtrade & organic estates to buy our green tea and often use southern Indian leaves, as this delivers the delicate, subtle taste we look for.

Clipper Tea Fairtrade Organic Pure Green Tea

Organic Pure Green Tea

This light and delicate pure green tea, with a bright golden colour, tastes as good as it looks in the cup.
Clipper Organic Green Tea & Lemon

Organic Green Tea & Lemon

A light, crisp and highly refreshing green tea with a delicious lemony citrus zing.
Clipper Teas Decaf Green 40s tea bags

Organic Decaf Green Tea

Flawless, light green tea, delicately decaffeinated for those looking for a spring in their step and a sparkle in their cup.
organic green tea & echinacea & citrus

Organic Green Tea & Echinacea & Citrus

A light and refreshing green tea blended with echinacea and zesty flavours of lemon, orange and lime.
Organic Fairtrade Green Tea & Mint

Organic Green Tea & Mint

The perfect balancing act, this bright and breezy green tea has been infused with a cooling menthol peppermint flavour.

Clipper pure green tea

What is Green Tea?

Even if you drink it every day, you might find yourself asking: what is green tea? Well, it’s made from the same plant as black tea (‘everyday’ tea) but processed differently. Simple! The result is a distinctive flavour and lovely golden colour.

Pure and clear Clipper green tea

Is There Caffeine in Green Tea?

Short answer: yes! But that’s not the whole story. Although green tea comes from the same plant as black tea, it’s processed differently. You’re left with a delicious, calming green tea and less caffeine in your cup.

which green tea should i buy

Which Green Tea Should I Buy?

Well, Clipper green tea is delicious, organic, Fairtrade, from suppliers we know and trust, AND comes in a wide range of tasty flavours. But we’re not going to tell you which to buy. We’ll leave that up to you!

6 reasons why green tea is good for you

6 Reasons Why Green Tea is Good For You

It may be delicious, but are there any other benefits to a lovely cup of green tea? Well, it turns out there are! From an antioxidant hit to helping you chill out, who knew something so tasty could do so much good?

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