We believe that small things can make a big difference. That’s why we’re proudly organic and support Fairtrade. It’s why we make our tea-bags unbleached, plant-based and biodegradable. Every box of Clipper you buy helps us keep doing that good stuff.

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Fairness education
Pupils wearing Premium funded uniforms

Fairtrade supports children’s education

Creating opportunities and providing a bright future for the children of the tea workers is of utmost importance to the communities of Welbeck, Dunsandle and United Nilgiri.

…an educated child can change the whole family, the whole economics of the family can change when an educated child gets a good job.

Preetham DS, Operations Manager, Chamraj
Miss Anuradha teacher Sivasailam School

Fairtrade story: Mrs Anu Elangovan

The nursery and primary section of the Chamraj
School stands near the entrance of the large school
site, its buildings decorated with brightly coloured
wall murals and surrounded by neat hedges…

Kamini Chamraj School

Fairtrade story: Kamini

The stars are the limit for Kamini! She loves maths
and physics and hopes to be an astronaut when she
is older. She is fascinated by space, especially how
you can eat without gravity. The interest in space…

Pharamcist Mr Jaleel Dunsandle

Fairtrade supports employee health

Access to affordable, local and effective healthcare can’t be taken for granted. Without it, people suffer with ill health, pain, debt and insecurity. Jobs on estates are very physical. To be able to do…

the quality of life of the estate workers has improved... Because of the health education, we ask them to follow all the health rules so that they can remain in optimum health

Dr Oamprakash, Rockland hospital
Singaraj father Welbeck

Fairtrade story: Singaraj Sankaia

Singaraj lives on the estate with his son and daughter in law, Sasikala, and their family. For 45 years, he was a supervisor in the tea fields, a role that he enjoyed very much. He has been retired…

Dr Oamprakash Hospital Chamraj

Fairtrade story: Dr Oamprakash Hiremath

The Rockland hospital is on Chamraj estate. It has been there for many years, gradually developing and expanding. The hospital serves the workers of The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Co. Ltd…

Influencing future
Dodda Mahalingam Korakundah

Fairtrade story: Dodda Mahalingam

Smiling broadly and chatting as she clicks her shears over the tea bushes, Dodda is a tea plucker at Korakundah, part of The United Nilgiri Tea…

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Fairtrade story: Ravi

Ravi has lived and worked on the estate for 30 years. At first he worked plucking and weeding in the tea fields, but for the past 21 years he has…

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We can only hope but we don't know the future, but what we have saved... we can hope to lead a fairly decent life post retirement.

Dodda Mahalingam
Korakundah Tea Estate
Tea growing Dunsandle Estate

Rights empowerment
Creche at Welbeck Estate

changing roles of women

The role of women in tea production, primarily as pluckers, is crucial. Women make up a core part of the labour force at Welbeck, Dunsandle and United Nilgiri. Empowerment is at the heart…

Girls are more powerful than boys! Many women are achieving. In India there are many leaders that got freedom for us. I am proud to be a woman.

Saraswathy plucking tea Dunsandle

Fairtrade story: Saraswathy

Saraswathy’s family are from Dunsandle. She lives on the estate with her husband, who works in the tea factory, and two children aged 13 and 8. Her sister also works on the estate…

Susheela tea plucker Dunsandle Estate

Fairtrade story: Susheela

Susheela has lived and worked on Dunsandle for 38 years. She and her husband have three daughters. All three attended school in Ooty and are now studying in Coimbatore, which is the nearest…

What is Assam tea

transparency is key

We believe that providing transparency on where we source our tea from will help build a more sustainable supply chain by empowering all stakeholders in the tea industry – from producers to workers and civil groups.

Factory worker

fair wages for workers

Fairtrade supports worker’s rights and ensures that farmers are paid a fair wage. By choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark you are guaranteeing producers are being paid a fair and stable price for their products

Environmental impact
plastic free teabags

Plant-based and biodegradable tea bags

Tea bags usually contain polypropylene plastic but not Clipper’s. We’ve worked really hard to create the world’s first plant-based and fully biodegradable, unbleached and non-GM pillow tea bags. That means no polypropylene plastic in your cup and less in the environment. Hooray!

why make the switch to organic tea

why make the switch to organic tea?

Organic farming is much better for the environment which means more of the wildlife we love and less of the pesticides we don’t. Plus, Clipper’s organic teas are all absolutely  delicious, so why wouldn’t you make the switch?


Noun: Ac-TEA-vism

A commitment to bring about change by drinking great tea.

25 stories to share over a cuppa

From vaccinations to school dinners, raincoats to cows, uniforms to stoves, here are 25 small stories which make a world of difference. Thank you for helping to make every cup count.

our Fairtrade trip

Between 22 October and 1 November 2018, a team from the Fairtrade Foundation and award-winning photographer Simon Rawles travelled to the Nilgiri Hills in South India. The brief was to visit four estates, all in Clipper’s Fairtrade…

why is Fairtrade tea better?

Fairtrade tea supports fair wages and a better deal for  workers. All this and Clipper Fairtrade tea is delicious as well! Why wouldn’t you choose it for your cup?

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