Save the bees

Imagine a world without bees

75 per cent of the crops we grow wouldn’t be pollinated without our furry friends

The Problem

Our supermarkets would have half the amount of fruit and vegetables without our bees. The nutritious foods we know, and love would be no more.

Across the globe, wildlife is becoming extinct up to 10,000 times faster than the natural rate due to non-organic farming. This is primarily caused by the conventional use of pesticides which pollutes water, making it unsafe to drink, killing marine life and insects, including our beloved bees, and also disrupts the food chain as a whole.

Non-organic farms also contribute to global warming as the soil absorbs less CO2 from the atmosphere compared to organic soils which can absorb five times more carbon than forests.

The Solution

Did you know that there’s only one insect that can pollinate tomato plants? That’s right… a world without our bumble bee would mean no ketchup. Could you imagine your favourite foods without the nation’s most loved condiment?

You can help by simply buying organic and support organic farms which are more ecologically diverse and home to 30% more species of wildlife on average than non-organic farms, rising to 50% for plant, insect and birdlife, which of course includes our bees.

Organic farming has other benefits too including reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the produce grown tastes better and is better for your health as it’s not impacted by conventional pesticides.

Buy organic Clipper Tea and start a ripple of planet positivity.

National Trust On Pack Promotion

As part of our Save the Bees campaign we’ve partnered with the National Trust to support their Making Meadows appeal. We’re donating 10p from 500,000 packs of Clipper Tea bought, totaling £50,000. By donating to the Making Meadows appeal we’ll be helping the National Trust to restore and protect the wildlife we’ve lost from our countryside.

National Trust Making Meadows Appeal

For the bees and butterflies; with your support the National Trust are making more space for nature by bringing back the wildflower meadows we’ve lost from our countryside. You can help the cause by purchasing a pack of Clipper Tea, with 10p of every pack bought being donated to the Making Meadows appeal.
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