Our Sustainability

Naturally a Better Cup

Our Sustainability

None of our products contain anything artificial and they never will. We believe that all the small things we do add up to make a big difference. We are always looking for ways to be more natural and reduce our impact on the environment. It influences every single decision we make.

Our Commitment to Organic

Clipper is fiercely committed to being organic and anything new we make will be organic certified. Guided by our organic principles, we are committed to being GM-free and will only use ingredients from non-GM sources. We actively discourage the use of chemicals such as pesticides amongst our growers, which we believe gives us better tea that’s better for the environment.

Why Make the Switch to Organic?

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Decaffeination... the Organic Way

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Our Commitment to Organic

here at Clipper we’re committed to being organic & anything new we make will be organic certified

Packaging fit for our tea

simple is better

Unbleached Teabags

We belive simple is better and that’s true for our tea and our packaging, too. We never used chemically bleached teabags because who cares if a teabag isn’t white? After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Packaging pioneers

We’re Packaging Pioneers

Clipper switched to a plant-based, fully bio-degradeable bio-material over a year ago. As a result we have prevented tonnes of plastic from entering the waste stream. We’re working on a number of green packaging options, including reducing our packaging weight and improving our recyclability.

Our Handy Packaging Guide

We know that it can be confusing to know what to do with your waste these days. So to make things really simple, we’ve put together a handy table which tells you exactly how each item of our packaging should be recycled or disposed of.

pillow tea bag
Pillow tea bags

Made from:

Completely free of polypropylene. Sealed with PLA a bio-material from non-GM plant material

Unbleached of course!

Put in food bin
string and tea bag
String & tag tea bags

Made from:

Bag- paper & wood cellulose based binder

String- 100% organic certified cotton

Tag- Paper

Proud to be plastic free & unbleached of course!


Made from:

Paper with a heat seal coating

Put in recycling bin
pack cartons
Pack cartons

Made from:

Paperboard & Ink

Put in recycling bin
tins of tea
Tins of tea

Made from:


Put in recycling bin
foil inner bag
Foil inner bag

Made from:

Laminated foil

If all goes to plan, we will switch to a fully biodegradable wrap which will be in the shops as soon as possible

Put in waste bin
good to know

Good to Know

Our teabags are sealed with a plant-based bio-material which won’t contaminate your compost heap with a petro-chemical residue,  but latest advice is that UK composts might not get warm enough to fully breakdown the teabags. We can only recommend that you put our teabags in the food waste bin.

While the paperboard in our boxes & tags is biodegradable, this could take a long time. So we believe recycling is best for these items.

what's next

Getting rid of the horrible foil

We always want to be pioneers in what we do and strive to make our products better every day.

If all goes to plan, our teabags will be come in a home compostable, fully biodegradable wrap and will be in the shops by next February.

Are Our Tea Bags Plastic-Free?

Plastic free tea bags

At Clipper, we’ve always set out to do the right thing for both people & planet and honesty is really important to us. In 2018 we were the world’s first tea company to switch our pillow tea bags to unbleached, non-GM and plastic-free. Hoorah! However, there are now clearer recommendations for how we talk about bio materials and we feel we need to be clearer about what we mean when we say ‘plastic-free’.


When we say plastic-free teabags, we mean our tea bags are free from polypropylene otherwise known as petro or oil based or fossil fuel based plastic.


Clipper teabags are sealed with a non-GM bio-material made from plant cellulose, known as PLA, also known as bio-plastic. PLA is made from bio material, is fully biodegradable, much more environmentally friendly and nothing like the damaging oil-based plastics that people are rightfully concerned about.


The bio-material we use is considered plastic-free according to the definition by environmental group A Plastic Planet. We want to be really clear about the difference between the two materials.

The differences between the plastics are...

When we say plastic-free teabags, we mean our tea bags are free from polypropylene otherwise known as petro-based or fossil fuel based plastic.

Our sustainability plastic free tick


Our new tea bag paper is made from a bio-material, which is a natural plant based material.

Our sustainability plastic free tick


We would never use GM products, which is why we use a bio-material guaranteed to be from a non-GM crop, to seal our paper together.

Our sustainability plastic free tick


Adding anything artificial to our products is a big no no, that’s why we never bleach our tea bags.

Clipper teabags are sealed with a non-GM bio-material made from plant cellulose, known as PLA, also known as bio-plastic.

Find out more about how we created the world’s first oil based plastic-free and non-GM pillow tea bags.

Cutting our Carbon Footprint

All Clipper teas are blended and packed in the UK, limiting the food-miles on your daily cuppa. But that’s just the start…

we've saved 347017 car trips

Offsetting Emissions

Over the last decade we’ve offset over 31,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of 347,017 car trips from London to Paris!

98% of factory waste recycled

Carbon Neutral Cuppas

Also, our Beaminster tea factory is carbon neutral and 98% of factory waste is recycled. Even our waste tea is used to generate green energy.

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