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Why Make The Switch To Organic Tea?

why make the switch to organic tea

It’s simple – more people buying organic food means more organic farms. More organic farms means fewer pesticides and more wildlife. What’s not to love?

The Knock-On Effect of Organic Farming

Drinking organically grown tea and supporting climate friendly farming has some surprisingly significant effects…

Helps slow down global warming

Healthy, organic soils can store up to five times more carbon than forests, stopping more CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That’s a really great thing in the fight to slow global warming.

Encourages native wildlife and diversity

Across the globe, wildlife is becoming extinct up to 10,000 times faster than the natural rate. Organic practises help to prevent this. As an example of the difference organic can make, Clipper green tea comes from organic gardens in India, where positive farming practices have seen the emergence of wild bison and rare orchid species. We think that’s absolutely brilliant and are thrilled to be part of the change!

Protects vital insect life and our ecosystem

Organic farmers are only able to use just 20 pesticides made from natural ingredients including citronella and clove oil. Even then, they can only use them under very restricted circumstances. This helps protect insects but also reduces the amount of pesticides entering the water system. Conventional pesticides can cause all sorts of damage once they reach the water system including:

  • Polluting the water making it unsafe to drink
  • Killing fish and marine animals
  • Disrupting the food chain

By limiting the kinds and amount of pesticides used, we help avoid these things.

It’s No Compromise on Taste!

Frankly, there’s no reason not to choose organic tea! It’s better for wildlife and the environment and, arguably best of all, still tastes absolutely delicious.

Visit the Soil Association website to learn more about the importance of buying organic and be sure to visit our online shop to buy a box of tea that will help save the bees.

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