Black tea

Big, Bright, & Bold

We believe our black tea is the best tasting tea you can buy, and are proud to be winners of many taste awards. Sourced from the finest tea estates across East Africa and India, our delicious Fairtrade and Organic Everyday Teas are big, bright, and bold, and deliver a delicious cup you’ll want to come back to again and again.

Organic Everyday

A deliciously refreshing, rich and full-bodied blend of quality black teas sourced from the finest organic tea gardens.

Classic Everyday

A blend of the finest Fairtrade teas grown in the rich red soils of Africa and the fertile soils of India, for a full, classic flavour.

Organic Decaf

A wonderfully full and rich brew, blended with Assam, gently decaffeinated the natural way. At last - a truly delicious decaf.

Organic English Breakfast

A majestic blend starring full-bodied Assam and wonderfully delicate Ceylon for a refreshing finish. Best enjoyed with the morning papers.
Clipper Tea Fairtrade Organic Earl Grey 80s

Organic Earl Grey

A light, refreshing tea with the delicious and distinctive citrus zing of Bergamot.

Organic Decaf Earl Grey

An organic decaffeinated black tea infused with citrusy Bergamot, to make an especially delicate and refreshing blend. The UK's most natural decaf.
Organic Assam tea

Organic Assam

A bright and full-bodied tea with a distinctive malty character.

What is Black Tea?

You probably love a cup of black tea and might even drink it every day! But what is black tea? Well, it starts off like all tea: fresh, green leaves. Then it’s cleverly processed and oxidised to give a distinctive colour and flavour. Yum!

What is the best Black Tea?

That’s a rather personal question! Of course Clipper teas are sourced from the world’s best suppliers and we’ve got a pretty impressive selection when it comes to black tea. We’ll introduce you and let you make up your own mind.

What is Assam tea

What is Assam Tea?

Assam tea is a delicious black tea packed full of flavour and it gets its exotic name from the region of India in which it’s grown. Lucky for us, it’s the perfect choice for everyday tea so we buy it by the sack load!

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