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The name ‘infusion’ refers to the process of infusing plants or fruits in hot water, but an infusion is not derived from the traditional tea plant. Our fresh and varied range of infusions are all organic and most are caffeine free (we label those that aren’t). With a flavour to suit every palette, they’re a delicious plant-powered way to boost a healthy lifestyle.

Herbal Infusions

Clipper Tea Rooibos tea bags 40s
Organic Rooibos
This exceptional south african infusion is highly refreshing and tasty with a gorgeous subtle caramel character. An excellent alternative to black tea that’s naturally caffeine-free and is delicious served with or without milk.
Organic sleep easy infusion
Organic Sleep Easy
A refreshing and distinctive infusion with cinnamon, chamomile, valerian and other natural herbs. Naturally caffeine-free.
Organic Fairtrade Peppermint Infusion
Organic Peppermint
A light, distinctive and highly refreshing infusion with a crisp, clean and cool taste. Naturally caffeine-free.
Organic Nettle Infusion
Organic Nettle
A light, distinctive and refreshing infusion which provides a clean flavour with subtle grassy notes. Naturally caffeine-free.
Organic Nettle & Peppermint Infusion
Organic Nettle & Peppermint
A distinctive, refreshing and perfectly balanced infusion of nettle and peppermint. Naturally caffeine-free.
Organic Liquorice Infusion
Organic Liquorice
Our lovely Liquorice has a distinctive flavour providing a full and naturally sweet drink; popular in our office as a distraction from the mid afternoon sugar craving! Naturally caffeine free.
Organic Fennel Infusion
Organic Fennel
A light, aromatic infusion with a deliciously subtle, yet comforting, spicy character and a hint of sweetness. Naturally caffeine-free.
calming chamomile infusion
Organic Chamomile
A delicate, distinctive infusion with a mellow floral character and sunny golden colour. Naturally caffeine-free.
Organic Dandelion Infusion
Organic Dandelion
A light, distinctive and naturally caffeine-free infusion.
Organic Raspberry leaf infusion
Organic Raspberry Leaf
A refreshing, distinctive and delicious blend of raspberry leaf and other natural herbs.
Organic Detox Infusion
Organic Detox
A delicious, and refreshing infusion with hibiscus, liquorice root, nettle & aloe vera. Naturally caffeine free.

Fruit Infusions

Organic lemon & ginger
Organic Lemon & Ginger
A refreshing, delicious and zesty citrus infusion with the warming zing of ginger. Naturally caffeine free.
Organic red fruit aronia berry infusion
Organic Red Fruits & Aronia Berry
A well balanced and deeply refreshing infusion that delectably combines the fruity taste of hibiscus and rosehip with raspberry, strawberry and aronia berry. Naturally caffeine-free.
Organic Blackcurrant & Acai Berry Infusion
Organic Blackcurrant & Acai Berry
A deeply fruity and refreshing infusion superbly blended with hibiscus, rosehip, acai berry and the delicious and distinctive taste of blackcurrant. Naturally caffeine-free.

Occasion Infusions

Snore & Peace Organic Infusion
Organic Snore & Peace
A comforting and delicately fragrant infusion that balances the delicious floral taste of chamomile and lavender with the refreshing character of lemon balm. The perfect accompaniment to a bedtime read.
After Dinner Mints Organic Infusion
Organic After Dinner Mints
The cool, menthol taste of peppermint combines superbly with the natural sweetness of spearmint and the subtle, spicy body of fennel and ginger to provide a truly delicious and refreshing 100% organic infusion. Perfect for after dinner.
Organic rise & shine
Organic Rise & Shine
Sunshine in a cup, the lively and zesty character of this delicious lemony infusion will leave you feeling truly refreshed. Perfect for those sleepy mornings.
Love Me Truly Cinnamon Chai Organic Infusion
Organic Love Me Truly
A comforting and warming blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, combined to produce a deliciously sumptuous chai infusion, perfect for some well-deserved “me time”.
Happy Mondays Organic Infusion
Organic Happy Mondays
A beautifully distinctive zingy citrus infusion with warming ginger and a fiery black pepper twist.
Skinni Vanilli Organic Infusion
Organic Skinni Vanilli
A gloriously sweet infusion reminiscent of sunny days and ice cream.
Skinni Mintie Infusion
Organic Skinni Mintie
A delightfully indulgent interpretation of a caramel and mint humbug, without remorse!
Calmer Chameleon Organic Infusion
Organic Calmer Chameleon
A comforting blend, combining soothing chamomile, sweet honeybush and warming cinnamon.
organic flower power infusion
Organic Flower Power
A blooming beautiful blend of nothing more than our favourite flowers.

What are tea infusions

What are Tea Infusions?

Better known as fruit or herbal teas, infusions aren’t actually teas at all! These delicious drinks masquerading as teas are made using herbs, spices and fruits for delicious flavour combinations. Most are caffeine free and we’re confident you’ll find one that you love.

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