How To Make the Perfect Hot Chocolate

how to make the perfect hot chocolate

Ahhh hot chocolate. The mere mention of this deliciously indulgent drink is relaxing. It makes us think of beautiful winter walks and warm, cosy fires. But what we’re interested in is the perfect hot chocolate. Nothing short of perfection will do.

So, we’ll let you in on our secret; here’s how to make the perfect hot chocolate…

The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Well the secret is… there is no secret. Just the best quality Fairtrade ingredients. If you start off with the best ingredients, you simply can’t go wrong. And don’t worry, we’ve taste-tested our hot chocolate many, many times, just to be sure. For some reason we weren’t short of volunteers for this job.

To get you started, we’ve got a few suggestions of how to mix things up a bit when it comes to your hot chocolate break.

Although there’s no secret to the perfect hot chocolate, there are plenty of ways to make it your own.

Keep it Simple

Our rich and luxurious instant hot chocolate is easy to prepare by simply adding hot water. It’s perfect for cosying up with on a cold day and ready in next to no time.

If you’re feeling like you need a little extra treat, then top it off with some whipped cream and marshmallows. Go on, why not spoil yourself? We won’t tell.

Step Things Up

Alternatively, our Drinking Chocolate can be made with hot milk for a taste extravaganza. Let us know when it’s ready and we’ll be straight round to yours!

Clipper hot chocolate
Clipper hot chocolate

The Perfect Hot Chocolate with a Twist

If you like to take a walk on the wilder side, why not try one of our hot chocolates with a twist for an extra special treat?

  1. Dairy free delight
    If you’re avoiding moo-milk, our hot chocolates can be made with dairy alternatives for a dairy-free delight. If you’re dodging the dairy, we recommend coconut milk for a tropical spin on your evening indulgence.
  2. An ice cream lover’s dream
    It may sound weird to put something cold in your hot chocolate, but a scoop of ice cream makes it really thick and creamy. Make sure your hot chocolate is freshly made and as hot as possible and then pop in a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!
  3. It’s not Terry’s it’s mine!
    If you can’t get enough of a Chocolate Orange, this one is for you! Carve 2 or 3 strips of orange rind (the skin) and let them steep in your drink for a while before drinking. That citrus flavour is a delight.

So, it’s up to you; which of these options is the perfect hot chocolate? Are you a traditionalist or do you like to experiment in the hot choc department?

If these twists have got your taste buds tingling then head to our online shop and treat yourself to our Instant or Drinking Chocolate. The recipes above will work with both!

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